The Survey Kit

The Survey Kit provides detailed guidance and advice on developing surveys with specific sections on different methods such as as interviews, focus groups, observational analysis, and content analysis. It also provides details on the use of checklists, warnings of things to avoid and examples of what does and doesn't work.

This book is available from Sage Publications: The Survey Kit


The Kit that has helped thousands of researchers and students do better survey research has now been completely updated and revised. In addition to separate volumes on in-person and telephone interviews, the new edition includes sections on: data management; literacy and language issues; qualitative survey research techniques, including focus group interviewing and content analysis; survey ethics, including the ethical principles to use in survey development and the characteristics of survey research misconduct; factorial design and conjoint analysis; cultural considerations; translation of interviews into other languages; CAPI interviews; sample size and power; creating a complete code book; the use of database management and statistical programs; internet surveys and the characteristics of good Web reporting.

Each of the 10 volumes contain checklists, warnings of things to avoid, examples of what does and doesn't work, and, new to this edition, exercises with answers and a glossary at the end of each volume.


  • How to ask survey questions
  • How to conduct self-administered and mail surveys
  • How to conduct telephone surveys
  • How to conduct in-person interviews for surveys
  • How to design survey studies
  • How to sample in surveys
  • How to assess and interpret survey psychometrics
  • How to manage, analyze and interpret survey data
  • How to report on surveys


Fink. A.. & Brookover, L., eds. (2003) The Survey Kit (London: Sage).

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