Terms of reference for an implementation evaluation of the comprehensive rural development programme

This example is based on the evaluation of a programme designed to mobilise and empower rural communities to take control of their own destiny with the support of government, and address rural poverty through the use and management of natural resources.


  • Background information and Rationale 
  • Background to the intervention being evaluated 
  • Purpose of the Evaluation 
  • Focus of the Evaluation 
  • Key evaluation questions 
  • Intended users and stakeholders of the evaluation
  • Scope of the evaluation 
  • Evaluation Design
  • Sampling
  • Evaluation Plan 
  • Products/deliverables expected from the evaluation
  • Activities
  • Time frame for the project 
  • Budget and payment schedule
  • Management arrangements
  • The proposal to be submitted 
  • Structure of the proposal
  • Information for service providers 
  • Key background documents
  • Pricing requirements
  • Evaluation of proposals
  • Administrative compliance
  • Functional Evaluation 
  • Price evaluation: The PPPFA
  • General and special conditions of contract
  • Evaluation Team
  • Competencies and skills-set required of the service provider
  • Intellectual Property
  • Enquiries


Rural Development & Land Reform, Republic of South Africa, The Presidency Republic of South Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (2012). Terms of Reference for an Implementation Evaluation of the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP). Retrieved from https://evaluations.dpme.gov.za/evaluations/406/documents/6233d147-6707-4151-adac-2f78b4848ee6