Tracking emerging networks

This guide was developed for the NextGen programme of the Prince Claus Fund to get insight into how young and creative organisations change over time, and how such organisations develop their interactions as a group or network.

This resource and the following information was contributed by Wouter Rijneveld.

Authors and their affiliation

Wouter Rijneveld and Edith Kroese - Avance Impact

Key features

Analysing the emergence of a network of young, creative organisations, and its effects on these organisations. Using conventional network analyses and organisational analyses turned out difficult. This approach uses a series of participatory and sometimes creative exercises to track the network and organisational developments. Each of the exercises is described in a hands-on manner, along with user experiences and examples of what sorts of analyses can be done with the data the exercises generate.

This was developed for and with the NextGen programme of the Prince Clause Fund for Culture and Development.

How have you used or intend on using this resource?

With a group of young, sometimes informal, creative organisations, mostly in culture and arts. They worked on creating alternative narratives - playing outside the rules - and often resisted conventional methods, objectification, categorisation. ALso in other situations where participatory exercises are required to analyse networks, or influences and interactions between organisations in a network, these exercises can prove useful.

Why would you recommend it to other people?

Hands on, ready to use set of exercises. They can be used as presented, but also lend themselves to adaptation and selection. They come with suggested analysis options in order to facilitate use of the findings.


Rijneveld, W., & Kroese, E. (2021) Tracking Networks of Young and Creative Organisations. Instrument Developed for the NextGen Programme of the Prince Claus Fund. Avance Impact.