Use of administrative data for the COVID-19 response

This blog introduces a video of a panel session describing how administrative data – routinely collected data – might be used to help with the response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

The session was part of the MERL Tech and CLEAR-Anglophone Africa series for gLOCAL Evaluation Week.

This resource and the following information was contributed by Kaye Stevens.

Authors and their affiliation

Linda Raftree,  MERLTech

Key features

Administrative data can be more widely used for learning and research. The panellists described the kinds of administrative data being used to inform and evaluate responses to the pandemic.

The four panellists were:

  • Kwabena Boakye, Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation, Ghana;
  • Bosco Okumu, National Treasury and Planning, Kenya;
  • Stephen Taylor, Department of Basic Education, South Africa; and
  • Andrea Fletcher, Cooper-Smith

A summary in the blog outlines the benefits of using administrative data, challenges associated with using administrative data and recommendations for better use of administrative data in the public sector.

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The panel discussion provides examples of how some African countries are using administrative data to inform governments' responses to COVID.

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This is a useful summary of the possibilities and challenges of using public sector administrative data.