Using case study in research - How to tell a 'good' story

In this short paper, Lesley Greenaway, discusses the effective use of case studies in research to tell a 'good' story. She addresses different types of case studies, the perceived issues of using small samples, and how to make decisions about which case study to use.


  • Starting points
  • What is case study research
  • What type of case study?
    • Intrinsic case study
    • Instrumental case study
    • Collective case studies
  • Isn't there a problem with such a small sample?
  • But which case study?
  • Strengths, issues and concerns
  • Achieving rigour - quality assurance tactics
  • Ethical considerations
  • References


Greenway, L. (2011). Using case study in research - How to tell a 'good' story. [Website]. Retrieved from