Utilization focused evaluation case studies - UFE in multijurisdictional/Tribal contexts

This slideshow from a presentation given by Nicole Bowman at the American Evaluation Association Conference describes how UFE was used by Native American tribal groups to assess projects that crossed the jurisdictional boundaries of State and Federal Governments.

The slideshow outlines the context of the situations and then provides a description of how the 17 UFE steps were used in these situations.  


  • UFE:  It’s not just about the flowchart…..
  • UFE is so much more!
  • Responsibility & Relations
  • Grounding Indigenous Evaluation
  • The Case
  • UFE Steps in Indigenous Context
  • Indigenous evaluation requires walking and working between/across the worlds  (multiple & dynamic contexts)
  • Use Strengths / Asset Based Approaches
  • Much diversity exists within Indigenous communities


Bowman, N. (2012, October). Utilization focused evaluation case studies - UFE in multijurisdictional/tribal contexts. presentation delivered at: 26th Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Retrieved from http://comm.eval.org/EVAL/Resources/ViewDocument/?DocumentKey=b9d6508d-5...