What “Extras” Do We Get with Extracurriculars? Technical Research Considerations

This research paper uses Instrumental Variable Options to analyse whether "participation in out-of-school extracurricular activities improve academic achievement or behavior for elementary school children?  [And] If so, are the impacts of participation related to the types of extracurricular activities that students pursue (e.g., music and arts, language, computer classes, sports)?" (Chaplin & Puma, 2003)


  • Background
  • Methodology
  • The Data
  • Analysis Approach
  • Analytical Options
  • Initial Analyses: The OLS Model without a Lag
  • The Lag Model
  • Expanded Analysis: The Growth Model
  • The Lag Model with Measurement Error Control


Chaplin, D., & Puma, M. J. The Urban Institute, (2003).What “extras” do we get with extracurriculars? technical research considerations. Retrieved from website: http://www.urban.org/UploadedPDF/410862_what_extras.pdf

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