Lancement officiel du le Réseau francophone des évaluateurs émergents (RF-Ee)

Marie Gervais's picture 23rd June 2015 by Marie Gervais
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Ça y est! Le Réseau francophone des évaluateurs émergents a été officiellement lancé le 26 mai 2015 à Montréal, Québec à l’occasion du 36e congrès de la Société canadienne d’évaluation! (la présentation PPT). Ce lancement a été commandité par Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Participation not for you? Four reflections that might just change your mind

Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt's picture 12th June 2015 by Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt

​​​This month we start a series on participation in evaluation by Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt. This blog series aims to explore one simple question: How can we best open up evaluation processes to include those intended to benefit from a specific project, programme or policy? A simple question. Yet one that is surprisingly often not considered or quickly dismissed in international development.

Developing a research agenda for impact evaluation

Patricia Rogers and Greet Peersman's picture 13th February 2015 by Patricia Rogers and Greet Peersman

Impact evaluation, like many areas of evaluation, is under-researched. Doing systematic research about evaluation takes considerable resources, and is often constrained by the availability of information about evaluation practice.  Much of the work undertaken in evaluation is not readily visible (see  the recent comments by Drew Cameron on an earlier blog post which provide details about the considerable effort involved in a study of impact evaluations in development).