There are many different methods and processes that can be used in monitoring and evaluation (M&E). The Rainbow Framework organises these methods and processes in terms of the tasks that are often undertaken in M&E. The range of tasks are organised into seven colour-coded clusters that aim to make it easy for you to find what you need: Manage, Define, Frame, Describe, Understand Causes, Synthesise, and Report & Support Use.

The Rainbow Framework can help you plan an M&E activity by prompting you to think about each of these tasks in turn, and select a combination of methods and processes that cover all tasks involved. You might also choose an approach, which is a pre-packaged combination of methods.

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The Rainbow Framework shows the different methods or processes that can be used for each task in an evaluation. Most of these tasks are needed in any M&E activity, but some (marked with an asterisk) might not be needed, depending on the purpose of the M&E activity or the specific type of evaluation you aim to conduct.

Task clusters

There are seven key clusters of tasks in the Rainbow framework

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