What do you know? Centering Knowledge Generation and Sharing to Transform Evaluation Systems - AEA22 Poster Resources

Alice Macfarlan's picture 9th November 2022 by Alice Macfarlan

KM Communities and Online Resources

Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev): A global community of practice of primarily international development practitioners interested in KM and knowledge sharing theory, practice and related matters.

KM World: Includes a community (association), journal, conference – plus more.

Reporting and supporting evaluation use and influence: Tips from evaluators

Gordon Wanzare's picture 13th October 2021 by Gordon Wanzare

Evaluation use is a key issue for the evaluation community. The aim of evaluation is to be influential, so it should be of use to policymakers, programme developers, project planners and managers. I recently used a survey of evaluators to explore the concept of evaluation use, how evaluation practitioners view it and how this translates into their work – in other words, how evaluators are reporting and supporting evaluation use and influence.

Better Monitoring: Help us address the neglected ‘M’ in M&E

Jo Hall's picture 15th September 2021 by Jo Hall

Effective monitoring is essential for managing performance, however, despite this, monitoring is often undervalued and understood quite narrowly.

While the term “Monitoring and Evaluation” (M&E) is widely used, the monitoring function has not always benefitted from the same level of investment, professionalization and systems strengthening as the evaluation function. Instead, the monitoring function is often relegated to or viewed as a lower-level, technical function. This comes at the expense of really using monitoring to manage performance and maximise impact.

Why do we need more real-time evaluation?

Patricia Rogers's picture 15th April 2021 by Patricia Rogers

We’re currently going through a global period of rapid change and adaption, due in large part to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our lives and work. As our world is changing, many individuals and organisations are finding that traditional evaluation methods are not meeting the needs of rapidly changing implementation or brand new interventions where interventions are being designed as they are implemented. It’s in this context that it’s become important to use evidence and support learning in real-time.

The Evaluator as Facilitator: Considerations for Good Facilitation Practice

Ijeoma Ezeofor's picture 10th February 2021 by Ijeoma Ezeofor

Before I joined TCC Group as an evaluation and learning consultant, I was a therapist. My days consisted of listening to people as they tried to navigate and make meaning of their lives. It was during this season of my life that I came to be a steadfast believer in the importance of having good facilitation skills. Good facilitation skills are essential for drawing out meaningful insights during an exchange.