GeneraTOR - Terms of reference generator

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Welcome to the GeneraTOR

The GeneraTOR will guide you in writing the different sections of a Terms of Reference (ToR) / Request for Proposal (RFP). It will generate a Word document containing your saved information, which others can further refine and review.

How to use the GeneraTOR

The GeneraTOR organises the terms of reference into 16 sections. These sections are listed on the left side of the GeneraTor in the section menu. 

Click on a section - the project information section is a good place to start. Follow the instructions in the section and write the relevant information in the text field.  If the title of a text field has a red star at the end, it means you must write something in this text field. 

When you have finished writing a section, click the 'section complete' box at the bottom of the section.  A tick will appear by this section in the section menu on the left side of the GeneraTOR. When you return to your saved ToR later, it will be clear which sections you have finished and which still need further work.

Work your way through the sections in the section menu. Complete only the sections that are relevant to your terms of reference. 

Save your work

Click  'Save Draft' at the bottom of the page to save your work. The GeneraTOR will periodically save your work automatically, but we recommend that you also manually save your work frequently. Your saved ToRs can be found on your member profile page.

Download your ToR

Your ToR can be found on your member profile page  under the heading 'My Terms of References'. Click a download option from the final column to download your ToR as a word document. Once the word document has been downloaded, you can open and edit it as you would any other word document. 

Work on a saved ToR

Your ToR can be found on your member profile page under the heading 'My Terms of References'.  Click 'edit' from the edit column to open your ToR and keep working on it. 

Automatic deletion

If your ToR is not opened for for 365 days, it will be deleted from the BetterEvaluation system.