• Excel for evaluation

    This website, created by Ann Emery, provides a series of short videos on using Microsoft Excel to analyze data.
  • Expectations about identifying and documenting “Lessons Learned”

    This guide by Rick Davies was originally developed as guidance for a workshop for project partners involved in Indonesian health projects. It offers advice on identifying and appropriately writing effective Lessons Learnt paragraphs.
  • What is a lesson learnt?

    A short one-page guide on identifying Lessons Learnt and best practices, which also offers tips on formulating Lessons Learnt paragraphs.
  • Understanding the Role of the World Bank Group in a Crowded Institutional Landscape [Network analysis example]

    In this example, the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG - part of the World Bank Group) have used a network analysis to gain a better understanding of the role of the World Bank Group's policy interventions in the health sector in Liberia in
  • Iterative design and monitoring for adaptive management: How causal link monitoring can help

    Development actors are embracing the concept and practice of adaptive management, using evidence to inform ongoing revisions throughout implementation.