Expectations about identifying and documenting “Lessons Learned”

This guide by Rick Davies offers advice on identifying and appropriately writing effective Lessons Learnt paragraphs.

It was originally developed as guidance for a workshop for project partners involved in Indonesian health projects. It gives a number of examples of Lessons Learnt and discusses their strong and weak points.


  • Purpose    1
  • Scope    1
  • What is a Lesson Learned   2
  • What will a Lesson Learned statement look like?   2
  • Some criteria for good Lessons Learned statements    2
  • Examples of Lessons Learned    3
  • How to find possible Lessons Learned    4


Davies, R. (2009). Expectations about identifying and documenting “Lessons Learned”. Retrieved from: https://mande.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/2009%2008%2026%20Guidance%20on%20identifying%20and%20documenting%20LL%20vs2.pdf

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