Overview: Working under budget, time, data and political constraints

This overview of the RealWorld Evaluation book "Working Under Budget, Time, Data and Political Constraint" explains how the RealWorld Evaluation Approaches can be applied at every step of the evaluation process.


  1. Scoping the Evaluation
  2. Choosing the Best Design from the Available Options
  3. Determining the Appropriate Methodologies
  4. Ways to Strengthen RealWorld Evaluation Designs
  5. Improve Interpretation of Findings
  6. Collect data efficiently
  7. Analyze the data efficiently
  8. Report findings efficiently and effectively
  9. Help clients use the findings well


Bamberger M, Rugh J and Mabry L (2006) Chapter 16: Bringing it altogether: Applying RealWorld Evaluation Approaches to each stage of the RealWorld Evaluation: Working under Budget, Time, Data and Political Constraints. © Sage Publications. Spanish translation financed by UNICEF (June 2007). French Translation by Marine Armstrong. Retrieved from http://www.realworldevaluation.org/RealWorld_Evaluation_resour.html