Formalise accountability processes on ethical practice

Indigenous art

Accountability principle

Include appropriate mechanisms and procedures for reporting on ethical aspects of the research and complying with this ethical protocol.


□ Formalise the free, prior informed consent with a form for participants to sign. Consider including a check list to make sure each element of the evaluation has been discussed and understood by the participant.

□ Develop a photo /video consent form if taking photos and footage of community members that may have not signed a consent form to participate in the evaluation. Explain how the photos and footage will be used before asking for consent.

□ Contracts with evaluation commissioners must allow communities access to, and ownership of, data collected and created as a result of the evaluation, including all reports created.

□ Consider the use of an ethics committee or independent assessment of the ethical approach of an evaluation. Check in regularly with the committee or assessor if changes have been made to the evaluation process or team members. Where available, include a community-based ethics group.


We would like to acknowledge and thank Maria Stephens, an Arrabi/Binning woman who speaks the Iwaidja language. She generously provided her artwork for this page.