C4D: Report and support use

Report and support use is one of the seven clusters of R,M&E tasks in the Rainbow Framework.

These tasks involve creating reports and content from the R,M&E, sharing findings, and supporting use of and learning from the R,M&E with the primary users. Although this may be one of the lasts tasks, planning should begin from the very first steps.

There are five tasks associated with Report and Support Use. These tasks include C4D specific methods, advice and resources on sharing and using R,M&E findings and outcomes

In this section

  • Different groups of primary intended users and other stakeholders will have different needs in relation to reporting requirements (what needs to be reported and when) emerging from R,M&E. It is important to think about these needs as part of the M&E Framework or Evaluation Plan before beginning the data collection and analysis to ensure that the R,M&E activities will meet these needs.
  • Research, monitoring and evaluation reports can be in different formats and be shared using different media. Working with different groups, users or stakeholders (see Identify reporting requirements) determine the best format for the reports.
  • While producing reports, it is important to think about accessibility. There are some things you can do to improve accessibility in a general sense, such as using graphic design principles, using plain language, and using sub-headings. There are also some things you can do to improve accessibility for specific groups.  
  • Research studies, findings from monitoring and evaluations often make proposals for certain courses of actions. This includes options, improvements or advise on whether a program should be continued or expanded.
  • Planning and pro-active actions are needed to support the utilisation of R,M&E findings. This support might be in the form of events (such as annual reviews) processes (such as written management responses, or recommendations tracking), or structures (such as learning committees or wikis).

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