The Evaluating C4D Resource Hub is a collection of methods, guides, and tools to use when researching, monitoring and evaluating (R,M&E) Communication for Development (C4D) initiatives.

What is C4D?

Communication for Development (C4D) uses communication tools and techniques to facilitate community participation and engagement and foster transformative social change. C4D initiatives often relate to complex and interrelated cultural and contextual factors with the aim of bringing about social and behavioural changes. C4D often includes dialogue and community participation. C4D is usually not able to bring about change on its own and must work closely with other sectors, but equally, the sustainability and effectiveness of development sectors often depend on good C4D.

These features of C4D mean that there are particular challenges when doing research, monitoring and evaluation (RM&E) of C4D. 

The C4D resource hub

The Evaluating C4D Resource Hub is designed to help you make choices about tools and resources that are consistent with the principles underpinning C4D and building on the tasks and methods in the BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework.

The Hub is structured around two combined frameworks:

The C4D Evaluation Framework (represented by the circle) is an approach. It describes the values and principles that guide decisions in C4D.

The BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework (represented by the rainbows) is a structure. It organises the practical tasks and methods into seven clusters.

C4D Principles Diagram merged with colours of the BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework


You can download a printable guide to navigating the Evaluating C4D Resource Hub here:

The Hub applies the C4D Evaluation Framework to each of the practical R,M&E tasks, and recommends methods and tools.

Explore the C4D hub

The goal of the Evaluating C4D Resource Hub is to help you find the right kinds of methods, tools and resources that suit your practical needs and match the approach you want to take. You will probably move between understanding the Evaluating C4D Framework principles and Rainbow Framework tasks to help you decide on the right methods and tools for your situation. 

Understanding the C4D

The Evaluating C4D Resource Hub draws heavily on the following book: 
Lennie, J. & Tacchi, J. (2013) Evaluating Communication for Development: A Framework for Social Change. Earthscan/Routledge

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