• Estudo de caso: a avaliação externa de um programa

    Este documento narra as experiencias pessoas do coordenador de uma avaliação de um projeto educacional.
  • Program Evaluation: a Plain English Guide

    This 11-step guide defines program evaluation, what it is used for, the different types and when they should be used. Also covered is how to plan a program evaluation, monitor performance, communicate findings, deliver bad news, and put imp
  • Planting the seeds for high-quality program evaluation in public health

    This free e-text book, created as a collaboration between the evaluation staff at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Asthma Control Program and Fierro Consulting Inc., provides a practical introduction to program eval
  • BE FAQ: How do I prepare and distribute Request for Proposal and Terms of Reference documents?

    We often get email enquiries asking for advice in preparing the documents used to invite evaluators to prepare proposals to do an evaluation.