Social network analysis in program evaluation

This special edition of New Directions for Evaluation from the American Evaluation Association (AEA) provides nine articles on social network analysis in program evaluation.


  • An introduction to social network analysis (pages 5–13)
  • The historical evolution and basic concepts of social network analysis (pages 15–23)
  • Exploring and understanding relationships (pages 25–40)
  • An evaluation of communication among high school faculty using network analysis (pages 41–53)
  • Network analysis of a demonstration program for the developmentally disabled (pages 55–68)
  • Application of network analysis in evaluating knowledge capacity (pages 69–79)
  • A formative evaluation of the integration of two departments (pages 81–94)
  • The value of social network analysis in health care delivery (pages 95–98)
  • Next steps for nodes, nets, and SNA analysis in evaluation (pages 99–101)


Durland, M., Fredericks, K. (Eds.), (2005). New Directions for Evaluation: Special Issue: Social Network Analysis in Program Evaluation (Vol. 2005, Issue,107, pp. 1 - 101). Retrieved from:

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