• Jason Davies data viz examples

    Jason Davies' website contains a large number of data viz examples, particular around geo data. It also contains some links to to tools, including a word cloud and tree map.
  • Contribution Analysis in Policy Work: Assessing Advocacy’s Influence

    This brief provides a background on contribution analysis and its applications, as well as walking through five cases studies in which the authors have used contribution analysis to assess whether and how advocacy efforts made a difference.
  • Making rigorous causal claims in a real-life context: Has research contributed to sustainable forest management?

    This article presents an example of a rigorous non-counterfactual causal analysis that describes how different evidence and methods were used together for causal inference without a control group or comparison group. 
  • Evaluating networks - some resources and some software

    BetterEvaluation is on the ground at the European Evaluation Society 10th Biannual conference in Helsinki this week.
  • 52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 8: Using social network analysis for M&E

    Most of the work done in development is done in collaboration, in partnership with individuals or organizations who contribute to a particular task or project we are working on.
  • Network evaluation

    A network evaluation may consider a range of questions and adopt a variety of options for undertaking the evaluation depending on factors such as the type, size, stage of development and purpose of the network.