• The analysis of covariance (ANCOVA)

    This slide show provides an overview of this option and lists the advantages and disadvantages of its use. There are also a number of examples of covariance and linear regression equations. 
  • Excel for evaluation

    This website, created by Ann Emery, provides a series of short videos on using Microsoft Excel to analyze data.
  • UNICEF: Statistics and Monitoring

    In collaboration with a wide range of partners, UNICEF gathers evidence on the situation of children and women around the world.
  • WISE: Web Interface for Statistics Education

    WISE's website organises a large amount of statistics resources available on the web into one central place.
  • Who Counts? The Power of Participatory Statistics

    This workshop by Jeremy Holland for the Institute of Development Studies was streamed live on May 1st, 2014.
  • L’évaluation en contexte de développement

    Ce manuel est destiné aux personnes souhaitant s’initier à l’évaluation de programmes, en particulier en contexte de développement et de coopération internationale. À cet égard, tout en déroulant le fil d’une démarche évaluative classique, il présente…
  • Descriptive and multivariate statistics

    In this chapter from Exploring Crime Analysis Readings on Essential Skills, the key principles of descriptive and multivariate statistics are demonstrated so as to provide practitioners with the basic foundations of research
  • Sampling - Yale University

    This course paper defines three different simplified sampling options.Contents Simple random sampling Stratified random sampling Multistage random sampling
  • Adapting evaluation in the time of COVID-19 – Part 4: Describe

    We’re continuing our series, sharing ideas and resources on ways of ensuring that evaluation adequately responds to the new challenges during the pandemic.