C4D: Develop R,M&E capacity

What is it?

Assessing the capacity, and support for the capacity development needs, of organizations and key partners and community groups and others involved in the R,M&E will help to increase the effectiveness, quality, rigour and utilisation of the overall R,M&E processes and outcomes.

Capacity refers to: human capacities (knowledge and skills), organizational capacities (technical infrastructure and processes) and social capacities (supportive networks and relationships). It also means fostering an evaluation and learning culture by strengthening the whole organization and its R,M&E systems and improving coordination, cooperation and collaboration between internal and external agents and groups.

General Information

The Rainbow Framework section on developing evaluation capacity lists a range of methods that are useful for thinking about capacity development as more than training and workshops. This page is recommended background reading before considering methods to apply to C4D. 

Applying the C4D Evaluation Principles


Including capacity development processes in C4D R,M&E systems is a key part of being learning-based. This process should begin with a preliminary assessment of R,M&E capacities of local groups and institutions. What sort of ongoing training, support or mentoring might be needed? What sorts of local research training institutions are available? How can this best be delivered?


Capacity development is an important task since participatory approaches will often depend on capacity-building of stakeholders. All learning events, structures and processes should be inclusive of community groups and other implementers and planners of C4D.


It is important to take a whole of system approach to R,M&E capacity development of C4D. It can be useful to consider:

  • What type of capacity development is needed, for whom, and at what level?
  • How can capacity development be most effectively built into the activities of our organization and its R,M&E systems and processes?
  • How will evaluation capacity be sustained, especially if key staff leaves our organization?


Not all capacity-building work should start from scratch. What existing systems and ‘communities of practice’ can be used to enhance capacities and strengthen networks? Prior to implementing capacity building ensure a capacity needs assessment (which could be rapid) has been undertaken.


Capacity building efforts need to support people and organisations to become more aware of how to work with the complexity of social change. This may mean capacity building in understanding and using complexity concepts and language, and exploring different ways of thinking about and responding to social change.


A lack of local capacity can lead to exclusion of local voices and perspectives. Partnerships and capacity building within local community groups and institutions are important so that there is genuine inclusion and contribution of local voices and perspectives. Pay critical attention to power dynamics in capacity-building partnerships.

C4D resources and examples

  • The following networks and resources are a good starting point for strengthening R,M&E Capacity Development - how could you build on them: 

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