Indicators to help with capacity building in health promotion

This paper from NSW Health sets out to clarify capacity-building as a concept and to develop a range of indicators which will allow an evaluation of the extent to which capacity-building by health promotion workers is being completed effectively.


  • Assessing the strength of a coalition – p. 24-26
  • Assessing the opportunities to promote incidental learning among other health workers – p. 27
  • Assessing opportunities for informal learning among other health workers – p. 28
  • Assessing if a program is likely to be sustained – p. 29-30
  • Assessing the learning environment of a team or project group – p. 31-32
  • Capacity for Organizational Learning – p. 33-34
  • Assessing the Capacity of a particular organization to tackle health issues – p. 35-36
  • Assessing the quality of program planning – p. 37-38
  • Assessing community capacity to address community issues – p. 39-41


Hawe, P., King, L., Noort, M., Jordens, C., & Lloyd, B. (2000). CAPACITY BUILDING Indicators to Help with in Health Promotion. Sydney, NSW: NSW Health Department. Retrieved from