GEI Training and Professional Development Programs

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Research for Impact Fellowship (RFI)

CLEAR SA | National

Objective(s): equip young development researchers with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to design and implement randomised evaluations for assessing the effectiveness of social policies and programmes.

Stage 1 - course on the theory behind designing and implementing evaluations (proctored exam at the end of stage 1)
Stage 2 - practical training on implementing an evaluation, course on primary data collection covering a range of topics related to measurement and survey tools

EvalYouth Mentoring program

EvalYouth | Global

Objective(s): provide mentees with an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, and capacity for a successful evaluation career; formulate an actionable professional development plan with clear steps towards developing those skills; identify and overcome challenges, barriers, fears of developing a career in evaluation; build stronger professional networks towards the advancement of the profession; build linkages with internships and job opportunities in the field; and increase the commitment of evaluation experts who contribute to the evaluation capacity development of YEE.