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Master in
Project Evaluation

Universidad del CEMA (Centro de Estudios Macroeconómicos de Argentina) | Buenos Aires | Argentina

The goal of the program is to train professionals who will evaluate public or private investment projects, equipping them with the theoretical tools needed for analysis. It also aims to impart practical knowledge of project evaluation, applying it to various sectors and associated challenges.

Master in Public Policy Evaluation

Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos | Entre Rios | Argentina

The Master in Public Policy Evaluation aims to provide a comprehensive and in-depth education on the complex transformations in the state and the importance of quality public policies. It provides a platform for government officials and professionals from diverse backgrounds to reflect and learn about new theories, methodologies, and practical experiences in the field of public policy evaluation. The focus of the course curriculum is to encourage a critical examination of the current state of evaluation, with the goal of advancing evaluation practices in both the public and private sectors.

Master in Planning and Evaluation of Public Policies

Universidad Nacional de San Martín | Buenos Aires | Argentina

The main goal of this program is to develop a group of professionals who possess the skills in planning and evaluating public policies and programs, and are recognized as contributors to enhancing and refining public policy at all levels of government.