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Master in Evaluation

University of Melbourne | Victoria | Australia

The program prepares graduates to shape the strategic direction of organizational projects and programs and design effective social interventions. Designed by the Centre for Program Evaluation, this program offers students a rare opportunity to develop the evaluation skills needed to inform programs and policies with reliable evidence, support communities and drive organizational change across a range of sectors and activities. Whether students are currently working in an evaluation role, supervising evaluations, or seeking a career change, this multidisciplinary program can fit their needs and prepare them to confidently engage in real-world evaluation practice.

Certificate in Evaluation

University of Melbourne | Victoria | Australia

The program uses the latest research and insights to provide students with extensive knowledge and skills of evaluation theory and practice that can be applied to work settings. It is designed to produce evaluation specialists who have a strong understanding of the theoretical and practical skills relevant to this area. By undertaking this course, students will become familiar with theories underlying policy and program development, ethical practice, key concepts and approaches to evaluation and the various roles of an evaluator.