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Master of Arts in Public Administration

Central European University (CEU) | Austria

This program focuses on integrating three components: knowledge, skills, and practice. Students take core courses in areas such as public policy analysis, the rule of law, economics, and research methods, and have the opportunity to develop specialized expertise through tracks like Security, Development, Governance, Media and Communication, and Higher Education Policy. In addition, the program includes Skills For Impact modules aimed at developing emotional intelligence, leadership skills, negotiation skills, and practical skills such as media training. The program culminates in an Applied Policy Project, where student teams work with an external client to apply their classroom and experiential learning in a consultancy style format.

Master of Arts in Public Policy

Central European University (CEU) | Austria

The overarching aim of the program is to provide students with a solid grounding in key themes of public policy and policy analysis as well as practical and issue-oriented knowledge which will prepare students for their future roles as policy-makers, advisors, and analysts in governmental and non-governmental organizations. The program combines a strong basis in the core subjects of public policy with specialization in selected policy areas. Courses combine analysis and critical thinking with problem-solving. Students work on both academic research papers and problem-oriented policy briefs, using quantitative and qualitative research methods.