Global Directory of Academic Programs in Evaluation

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Interuniversity Certificate in Public Policy Evaluation

Université catholique de Louvain - Partnership (UCL, ULB, Uliege, Walton, Institute of Statistics) | Wallonia | Belgium

This program aims to prepare participants for positions in which they will manage monitoring and evaluation processes, intervene in their design and implementation, and support evaluators and stakeholders in the evaluation process to maximize its contribution of value in terms of knowledge and concrete proposals for improving public policies.

Advanced Master in Development Evaluation and Management

University of Antwerp | Antwerp | Belgium

The program focuses on the initiatives of various public and private organizations to advance development. It provides a comprehensive overview of past and current aid policies from multilateral and bilateral donors, including the major modes and instruments used. The institutional characteristics of the actors involved, including governments, community-based organizations, international NGOs, bilateral or multilateral donors, are analyzed to better understand their processes and outcomes. The course adopts the theoretical view that development can be seen as a series of interconnected collective action problems. It provides students with methodological and practical insights into development evaluation, its significance, and challenges.