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Professional Master in Evaluation

Fundação CESGRANRIO | RJ | Brazil

This program prepares students in the field of evaluation to work in school districts, businesses, professional organizations, military and government agencies, social projects, and non-governmental organizations, among many others. The program’s main purpose is to prepare students to plan, design, conduct, report and utilize evaluation of systems, programs, institutions and materials, so that they develop professional competencies. It has multidisciplinary features and focuses on the evaluation of systems, programs and institutions.

Specialization Course in Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policies

Governo do Estado de Minas Gerais | MG | Brazil

This specialization course has the aim of equipping professionals with tools for monitoring and evaluating public policies. It blends theoretical subjects with practical modules that focus on key aspects of planning, strategic management, and evaluative culture. The course also covers topics such as the indicators for formulating, monitoring, and evaluating public policies, the evaluation of outcomes, and the economic analysis of policies and programs. By taking this course, professionals from various levels of government and other stakeholders in the public sector will expand their knowledge and expertise in these areas.

Professional Master in Public Policy Evaluation and Monitoring

Ministério da Gestão e da Inovação | DF | Brazil

This program is designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to address real-world challenges in the Brazilian public sector. It covers two main areas of study: i) Evaluation and research methods, and ii) Governance of evaluation systems, models and practices.

Master in Management and Evaluation of Public Education

Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora | MG | Brazil

The Master'sin Management and Evaluation of Public Education is a blended mode program aimed at public school directors and management technicians in office. The program focuses on the management and evaluation of public education.

Master in Evaluation and Public Policies

Universidade Federal do Ceará | Ceará | Brazil

This interdisciplinary program aims to train researchers in the field of public policy evaluation, providing them with theoretical and methodological bases. The program is part of the “Public Field”, an expression used by professors, researchers, students and directors of undergraduate courses at Brazilian universities, to affirm the autonomy of the field in relation to that of Business Administration.

Professional Master in Evaluation of Public Policies

Universidade Federal do Ceará | Ceará | Brazil

This course trains professionals to lead multidisciplinary teams by providing knowledge that enables them to bring together various areas of expertise to develop new evaluation methods for public policies. The program's innovative approach involves an interdisciplinary perspective where various fields of knowledge, such as Social Sciences, Economics, Architecture and Urbanism, Geography, Education, Health, Natural and Agricultural Sciences, work together to achieve a common goal of evaluating public policies effectively. The research at the program focuses on three main areas: Public Policies and Social Changes, Design of Social Public Policies, and Public Policies, Territory, and Culture.

Master in Methods and Management in Evaluation

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina | Brazil

The Professional Master'sProgram in Methods and Management in Evaluation at UFSC has an interdisciplinary approach to evaluation, with a focus on strategic management, technical applicability, and operational management. The program emphasizes the effective use of knowledge and innovation and aims to enhance the professional experience of students. With a concentration in Methods and Management in Evaluation, the program provides practical training for professionals and researchers in the field of evaluation and its management, with a strong emphasis on educational processes that teach quantitative methods in evaluation.