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Master of Political Science, with concentration in Evaluation and Monitoring of Public Policies

Lyon University | France

The evaluation and management of public policies demand specialized skills, particularly the ability to assess the impacts of public actions and consider the multifaceted and potentially conflicting expectations of social actors. In response to these complexities, the program aims to educate professionals who are able to ensure the quality of their work and adept at addressing technical, social, and political challenges.

Master in Business and Market Economics, with concentration in Management and Evaluation of Public Action

Université Aix-Marseille | France

This program seeks to promote the increasing use of evaluation and drive its further development. The principle of evaluation has been codified in several legislative texts as a means of managing public actions (such as vocational training, urban development, technology and innovation support policies, etc.) and ensuring compliance with non-discrimination obligations. It provides students with a comprehensive education in the methods, techniques, and tools of the evaluation approach. Upon completion, students will be equipped to assess the impact, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, and relevance of both public and private organizations' projects and action programs. Additionally, the course trains project managers to utilize evaluation tools in the planning and management of both public and private programs and projects.

Master in Public Health, with concentration in evaluation

Université Clermont Auvergne | Moulins | France

The program distinguishes itself from others in several ways. Firstly, it prioritizes a combination of public health and education sciences over traditional public health tools such as epidemiology, health economics, and sociology of health. Additionally, the program is structured around four distinct areas of application, including health education for adolescents and young adults, health evaluation, risk sciences in environmental and occupational health, and therapeutic patient education. The mastery of public health tools is incorporated into each of these four courses, with the first year being identical for all students regardless of the course they choose in the second year.

Master in Monitoring and Evaluation in Educational SystemsMaster in

Université de Bourgogne | France

The program aims to train students for careers in the evaluation, management, monitoring, and administration of education and training systems. It is targeted towards individuals employed in the National Education system, including teachers, educational advisors, and National Education inspectors, etc. The Master'sdegree offers professional development opportunities, including promotions, for individuals in stable employment. The program is also open to executives from Ministries of National Education in developing countries and teachers seconded to educational projects abroad.

Master in Human and Social Sciences, with concentration in Evaluation of Public Policies of "Cities and Territories"

Université de Tours | Centre-Val de Loire | France

Upon completion of program, students should be proficient in conducting evaluation work and applying a thoughtful evaluation approach. They will be able to: i) design an evaluation process, including the creation of a well-reasoned proposal for the public policy being studied, and assess the results; ii) collect, process, and analyze new or existing data, using theoretical and methodological knowledge; iii) generate conclusions that can be supported by those responsible for public action; and iv) lead a team, effectively communicate with multiple stakeholders, and foster a culture of dialogue.

Master in Social Sciences – Specialization in Studies and Evaluations of Health and Social Sectors (EVSAN)

Université Paris Cité | France

The program offers training in social sciences applied to the fields of health and social issues with a solid European and international outlook. Students will be trained to use analysis and evaluation methodologies, and will be able to define objectives, assess programs and create indicators and decision-making tools.

Master in Political Economy and Institutions, with concentration in Economics and Sustainability Evaluation

Université Paris Saclay | France

The program aims to prepare students for further academic study in a PhD program or for direct entry into the workforce. The M2 EEDS concentration provides advanced training in economic analysis and evaluation, focusing on development, the environment, and sustainable development. This concentration helps students acquire the skills necessary for a PhD or a job in the field. The course emphasizes the political economy of development, taking into account the importance of context in analyzing and addressing important issues such as sustainable development goals, pro-poor growth, participatory processes, and environmental regulation instruments.

Master in Public Economics and Management, with concentration in Engineering, Management and Evaluation of Public Policies

Université Rennes 1 | Cedex | France

This program is designed to train executives in economics, finance, and public management methods. Graduates will be skilled in supporting public decision-making and proficient in data compilation, analysis, and statistical or qualitative processing. It prepares students for careers in the evaluation of public policies, local finances, and territorial economic development. It targets executives in regional and central administration and private consultants working for the public sector. The course places a strong emphasis on group work and personal projects, including assignments, presentations, and case studies. A significant portion of the lessons will involve hands-on application of course material.