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Doctorate in Monitoring, Measurement and Evaluation

Euclid University | Central African Republic

The program offers an in-depth examination of the critical field of Monitoring and Evaluation, including Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks, Case Studies, World Bank guidelines, and Project Management. EUCLID DME is also the only PhD in Monitoring and Evaluation that is offered by a multilateral institution with relevant specialized institutes (Sustainable Development, European Affairs, Desertification), thus allowing direct interaction with practitioners as well as opening rare internship opportunities.

Doctorate in Measurement & Evaluation

University of Nairobi | Kenya

The program aims to equip students to able to: explore the theoretical and applied knowledge of contemporary issues in Measurement and Evaluation research; apply philosophy, principles and practice of Measurement and Evaluation to research; conduct research independently at a high level of originality and quality; and continue to advance knowledge and its application in particular fields of study of Measurement and Evaluation.

Doctorate in Evaluation Studies

Stellenbosch University | Western Cape | South Africa

The two-year doctoral program aims to meet the demand for high-level and scarce skills in Monitoring and Evaluation studies on the African continent. At this level, the aim is to ensure that a new generation of evaluation scholars is trained to ensure that the growing professionalisation of the field is sustained and that a tradition of high-quality scholarship in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in Africa is established and further expanded. The successful completion of the program involves a good grasp of the theoretical and methodological demands of scholarship in the field that culminates in a novel and original contribution to the field in the form of a substantive dissertation and subsequent journal articles.

Doctorate in Program Evaluation

University of Cape Town | South Africa

The department of Organizational Psychology offers a PhD in Program Evaluation by dissertation only. We do not offer a PhD by coursework and dissertation.

Doctorate in Measurement and Evaluation

Université Laval | Quebec | Canada

This program deepens students' understanding of measurement and evaluation in the primary disciplines of education, including teaching, school management, guidance, and psychoeducation. It also covers related fields in the human and social sciences such as psychology, consumer science, and health science. The program provides a diverse student population with the knowledge and skills necessary to measure and evaluate individual, organizational, or systemic characteristics in various contexts, while adhering to scientific and professional standards.

Doctorate in Measurement, Evaluation and Research Methodology

University of British Columbia | Canada

The graduate program in Measurement, Evaluation, and Research Methodology emphasizes diverse perspectives in these core areas: measurement (educational assessment, psychological measurement, construction & use of standardized tests, item response theory, cross-cultural assessment); evaluation (program evaluation, curriculum evaluation across the educational spectrum); and research methodology (quasi-experimental, hierarchical or multi-level models, analysis of growth & change, dialectics, qualitative approaches). We prepare graduate students as methodological and measurement specialists. The programs emphasize advanced research as applied to educational, psychological, health, and social contexts.

Doctorate in Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies with a focus on Measurement, evaluation and computer applications

University of Victoria | BC | Canada

This PhD is a research-focused program. Students will learn advanced skills in theory, research and practice. This degree uses course work and candidacy exams to prepare you for your dissertation.

Doctorate in Educational Policy and Evaluation

Arizona State University | AZ | United States of America

The program prepares students to conduct rigorous, high-impact, transdisciplinary research on education policy that advances the collective understanding of PK–20 and other educational environments. Students will engage in systematic analysis of education policies in schools, universities, research centers, government agencies and NGOs. The program emphasizes intensive training in the theory and methods of education policy research and evaluation and an area of specialization supported by faculty expertise. You'll work closely with nationally and internationally recognized faculty members on collaborative and independent research projects that result in policy briefs, reports, scholarly articles and engagement in education policy.

Doctorate in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment

Boston College | MA | United States of America

The doctoral curriculum emphasizes research methodology and data analysis and includes advanced coursework in research design, statistical methods, and testing and assessment as well as seminars in statistical and measurement topics. MESA students have the opportunity to tailor coursework to their particular interests and background.

Doctorate in Instructional Psychology and Technology with a focus on Research, Measurement & Evaluation

Brigham Young University | UT | United States of America

Instructional Psychology and Technology deals with identifying and implementing improvements in instruction and understanding the principles that influence these improvements. IP&T applies these principles to solve instructional problems, which occur in educational settings, including public schools and universities, government, church, military, business, and industry.