Global Directory of Academic Programs in Evaluation

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Master in Measurement and Evaluation in Education and Training

Université Mohammed V Rabat | Morocco

The objective of this program is to: develop expertise in measurement and evaluation in education and training; meet the needs for experienced managers and specialists within national evaluation bodies and organizations such as the CNEE and the national agency for evaluation of higher education and scientific research; align with the SEF reform process and the 2015-2030 strategic vision by focusing on evaluation in national programs and projects (PNEA) and international assessments (PIRLS, TIMSS, and PISA); and encourage scientific research in measurement and evaluation in the field of education and training.

Master in Economics, Public Policy and Development

Université Ibnou Tofail | Morocco

This program equips students with the skills required to evaluate economic and social policies and programs. It covers topics such as Development Economics, Public Policies, and Assessment Techniques.

Master in Evaluation of Public Policies

Université Internationale de Rabat | Morocco

This program aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and practices of public action. The curriculum is designed to equip future public actors with the skills to analyze the root causes and assess the impact of public policies. The program trains expert decision-makers who will become professionals in public decision-making and perform high-quality evaluations while understanding the technical, social, and political dimensions of the subjects they study.

Specialized Master in Economics and Evaluation of Public Policies

Université Mohamed V de Rabat | Rabat | Morocco

The primary aim of this Master'sprogram is to meet the increasing social demand for evidence-based public policy. In line with the principle of policy evaluation outlined in the 2011 constitution and its emphasis on good governance, the program seeks to enhance and professionalize the role of economists in evaluating public policies. It provides students with the necessary expertise, modern techniques, and tools to evaluate policies, aligned with best practices in the international community.

Master in Public Policy Evaluation

Université Moulay Ismail - Présidence | Morocco

The Master'sin Public Policy Evaluation program is a professional degree that focuses on providing training in evaluation methodologies and processes across various types of public action and sectors. The aim is to equip graduates with the ability to design and execute monitoring and evaluation processes for projects, programs, and public policies.

Master of Education in Research and Evaluation

University of Botswana | Botswana

Program description not available.

Master of Science in Monitoring and Evaluation

Euclid University | Central African Republic

The program offers an in-depth examination in the critical area of Monitoring and Evaluation, covering topics such as Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks, Case Studies, World Bank guidelines, and Project Management. The program culminates in the presentation, defense, and publication of a Master'sthesis, which will establish the candidate as a subject-matter expert in a specialized area of relevance. Designed primarily for government, IGO, or NGO staff already working in the field, this program is also suitable for preparing professionals and students for careers with governmental organizations, NGOs, and international organizations such as Development Agencies, the European Union, the African Union, OSCE, the World Bank, and others.

Master of Science in Public Health Monitoring & Evaluation

University of Ghana | Ghana

The objectives of the program are to train a critical mass of M&E experts for the health and related sectors in Ghana and the sub-region; provide students with sound scientific grounding in M&E principles and the use of various M&E frameworks; equip students with skills for planning, designing and implementing M&E programs; train students in developing M&E tools and systems; and train students to design and undertake impact evaluation of programs/interventions.

Master of Project Management and Evaluation

Kenyatta University | Kenya

Program description not available.

Master of Education in Educational Research, Evaluation and Assessment

Kenyatta University | Kenya

The Master of Education program is designed to provide opportunities for the professional development of those already working in an education-related field. The program aims to provide students with a solid foundation in both theory and practice, as well as the research skills necessary to specialize in one of five areas: Educational Administration, Educational Planning, Economics of Education, Curriculum Studies and Research, or Evaluation and Assessment.