Designing and Conducting Health Systems Research Projects: Guide

This guide provides 13 modules designed to demonstrate aspects of data analysis and report writing.

"This publication is meant to be used in combination with Part I: Proposal Development and Fieldwork. Part I consists of 20 training modules which, step-by-step, support course participants in the development of a research proposal and provide useful guidelines for its implementation.

The present Part II, Data Analysis and Report Writing, consists of 13 modules. These training modules on data analysis, report writing, and planning for implementation of recommendations, to a still larger extent than those on the development of a research proposal, can be used in a flexible way, depending on:

  • the educational level and research experience of the course participants;
  • the type of study conducted and type(s) of data collection techniques used; and
  • the state in which the data are at the onset of the data analysis and report writing workshop." (Varkevisser, Pathmanathan & Brownlee, 2003)


Specific Options Mentioned

  • Module 21: Orientation to the workshop on data analysis and report writing 
  • Module 22: Description of variables
  • Module 23: Analysis of qualitative data
  • Module 24: Cross-tabulation of quantitative data
  • Module 25: Measures of association based on risk
  • Module 26: Dealing with confounding variables
  • Module 27: Preparation for statistial analysis: Measures of dispersion, normal distribution and sample variation
  • Module 28: Choosing a significance test
  • Module 29: Determining differences between groups: Part I, Analysis of unpaired observations
  • Module 30: Determining differences between groups: Part II, Analysis of paired observations
  • Module 31: Measuring associations between variables: Regression and correlation
  • Module 32: Writing a research report
  • Module 33: Dissemination, communication and utilisation of research findings


Varkevisser, C., Pathmanathan, I., & Brownlee, A. International Development Research Centre, (2003). Designing and conducting health systems research projects volume ll: Data analysis and report writing. Retrieved from KIT Publishers website:

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