• Realist Evaluation Workshop

    The focus of this one-day workshop was to build practical skills to conduct a realist evaluation for international development projects and programmes. The rapidly changing context of development assistance in recent years combined with gro
  • Making rigorous causal claims in a real-life context: Has research contributed to sustainable forest management?

    This article presents an example of a rigorous non-counterfactual causal analysis that describes how different evidence and methods were used together for causal inference without a control group or comparison group. 
  • Week 49: The 1st international conference on realist approaches to evaluation: my ‘realist’ take-aways

    In this blog, Tiina shares her top three realist ‘take-aways’ from the 1st International Conference on Realist Approaches to Evaluation and reflects on when or how realist evaluation may be most useful.
  • 2017 International realist conference

    We've got our head in realism this week, partly because early-bird registrations for the 2017 International Realist Conference close soon, and partly because we've been shown Chris Lysy's realist cartoon series (commissioned by the Rameses