• Building a common outcome framework to measure nonprofit performance

    This guide from the Urban Institute outlines core indicators for 14 categories of not for profit organisations and then provides a common framework that can be used by all nonprofit programmes.
  • Global peace index

    The Global Peace Index, an initiative of Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), provides a ranking for each nation in regards to their peacefulness.
  • Partnership Indicators: Measuring the effectiveness of multi-sector approaches to service provision

    This paper provides considerations for the creation of partnership indicators for tri-partite partnerships (private sector, public sector and civil society/NGOs) in water and sanitation provision for poor communities in developing countries
  • Better ways of choosing and using metrics in evaluation of impact investing

    We invited Mishkah Jakoet shares some thoughts on how metrics can be more useful for impact investing.
  • Objectives-Based Evaluation (OBE) for impact investing

    Bob Picciotto is a former Director General of the Independent Evaluation Group which oversees evaluation in the International Finance Corporation, an agency dedicated to the promotion of private sector development in developing countries.