• gLOCAL Evaluation Week: Yes, gLOCAL - it is not a typo

    This week's guest blog is in support of the gLOCAL Evaluation week - a series of free events taking place around the globe and online between June 3-7 2019.
  • Learning from gLOCAL conversations

    The week before last, we were treated to over 300 diverse, live events on evaluation in the annual event that is glocal – a week of locally hosted, globally accessible webinars, presentations and hybrid sessions that is convened by the Glob
  • The science behind data collection - gLOCAL 2023 webinar recap

    This blog shares some of the lessons from the gLOCAL2023 webinar, The science behind data collection: how to choose the best tools and approach to collect data considering the culture, context, and existing partnerships. It outlines five considerations:…