• Use NVivo framework matrices to summarize small and large data sets

    … In this blog post for the NVivo blog , Meg Callanan discusses her experiences in using the NVivo framework matrices function with both small and large … examples from her work, and ways of coding and using NVivo's auto summarize feature with framework matrices. …
  • NVivo 10: Getting Started

    … This guide provides an overview of installing and using NVivo and the steps involved with beginning a new project. "NVivo doesn’t favour a particular [qualitative research] … and sharing data—no matter what option you use." Contents NVivo and qualitative research Install and activate NVivo
  • NVivo for government

    … This webpage provides examples of how NVivo has been used by government agencies to analsye … of video case studies to highlight the variety of uses of NVivo by public sector agencies.  These include: Public … Social research – understanding the 2011 UK riots An NVivo Sample Project: A Health Study Best practice government …
  • Approaches to working with framework matrices (NVivo 10)

    … This NVivo 10 help file walks readers through the process of creating and using framework matrices in NVivo for the analysis of qualitative data. It covers the … create summaries from coding Information from NVivo 10 for Windows Help is also available for: About …
  • Webinar recording: When the ‘field’ is online – qualitative data collection

    … This NVIVO webinar explores ways that researchers can adapt their … Covid 19 pandemic. The Methodspace page links to the NVIVO webinar archive.  This resource and the following … type of data: Visual, audio, multimedia, text data? The NVIVO site includes a link to “tips for choosing online data …
  • The art of coding with NVivo

    … During this virtual workshop, Dr. Penna presented how NVivo, qualitative data analysis software is used to code … community. Dr. Penna earned a doctorate in education using NVivo for both her literature review and qualitative … future of qualitative research. … The art of coding with NVivo
  • 52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 24: Choosing methods to describe activities, results and context

    … provides an overview of different packages, including NVivo , HyperResearch , and Atlas TI . 3) You mentioned …
  • Video: Framework analysis in NVivo

    … using a matrix in the qualitative data analysis software NVivo.  Contents The video walks viewers through how to: … 2012)  … Video: Framework analysis in NVivo
  • 52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 17: Analyzing data using common software

    … data but now with capacity to analyze qualitative data),  NVivo  or HyperResearch  (originally designed for analyzing …
  • Effective data transfer

    … For example, exporting data from a text file into NVivo, you must make sure that: Each record is on a separate …
  • BetterEvaluation FAQ: How do you go about analyzing data that has been collected from respondents via a questionnaire?

    … that discuss various tools for the analysis of data (e.g. NVivo or Excel resources). There's also a blog on using …
  • Week 4: The top ten developments in qualitative evaluation over the last decade – part 1

    … ten packages including Atlas.Ti, HyperResearch and NVivo.  Learn how to use commonly available non-specialist …
  • 52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 13: Evaluation on a shoestring

    … software not available in the organisation (e.g. SPSS and NVivo).   Designing quality impact evaluations under budget, …