• Knowing the place

    Most interventions occur at a place; projects are often at one or more places such as communities or districts; strategies find their application at places, as do policies, often through programs.
    People walking and riding motorbikes along a dirt road surrounded by lush vegetation in Africa
  • Knowing place through story

    Knowing place is essential, as understanding all aspects of context is vital to undertaking evaluation that supports community, environmental renewal, and sustainability.
    Two people, one of them pointing to the distance, approaching a viewing platform overlooking bodies of water and small hills with light snow on the ground
  • The science behind data collection - gLOCAL 2023 webinar recap

    This blog shares some of the lessons from the gLOCAL2023 webinar, The science behind data collection: how to choose the best tools and approach to collect data considering the culture, context, and existing partnerships. It outlines five considerations: the budget, respondents and accessibility, the kind of data being collected, challenges to data collection and how the data will be used.
    Blog image for the Art and Science of Data Collection
  • Learning from gLOCAL conversations

    The week before last, we were treated to over 300 diverse, live events on evaluation in the annual event that is glocal – a week of locally hosted, globally accessible webinars, presentations and hybrid sessions that is convened by the Global Evaluation

    gLOCAL evaluation week 2023
  • Evaluability assessments are an essential new tool for managers

    The evaluation report has been finalized, recommendations have been made, the findings have been presented to management and funders, and then … nothing happens. In this post, originally published by CGIAR, Rick Davies and Keith Child, discuss the new CGIAR guidelines for evaluability assessment.
  • Writing for utilisation

    Evaluators need to communicate better and foster the utilisation of evaluation findings through clear and engaging writing.

    hands typing on a laptop