Maximillian Ashwill

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Maximillian Ashwill is an experienced editor, evaluator, and strategist in international development. He has edited or authored upwards of 50 development publications, including dozens of evaluations. He advises the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group, editing prominent evaluations and coaching their evaluation teams on messaging. He has also led several evaluations for the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, USAID, and other institutions. On the technical side, he advises development organizations’ country programs on programming strategy and project design. Maximillian started his development career 20 years ago in the Peace Corps in Paraguay and began his writing career 18 years ago as a conflict correspondent in the Palestinian territories. When asked, he says that, “drinking Yerba Mate is the key to good writing".

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  • Evaluators need to communicate better and foster the utilisation of evaluation findings through clear and engaging writing.