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AnnJanette (Anjie) is a researcher, educator, and facilitator with over 20 years of experience working with organizations devoted to progressive, systems-level social change. She is currently a Director at Informing Change, a diverse, women-, LGBTQ-, and POC-led strategic learning firm based in Berkeley, CA united by the core belief that when those most impacted by a challenge bring their voices together to inform strategy, they can contribute to their own well-being and accelerate the pursuit of social justice. There, Anjie directs projects involving policy advocacy and large-scale, complex-systems change strategy and evaluation, helping clients grapple with and make usable meaning of the information collected to support their learning and decision-making. She also holds deep expertise in participatory research and the facilitation of consensus-building, strategic planning, theories of change, and collective meaning-making processes with organizations and communities. She has served as a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion “brain-trust” for the national Evaluation Roundtable, a network of foundation staff who conduct and commission social sector research projects.

Prior to Informing Change, Anjie was a faculty member for 12 years, first at Knox College in Illinois, and next at the University of CO, Boulder where she studied and taught in the areas of SOGI, race, and the cultural studies of crime and law. Subsequently, Anjie directed the United Nations Office of an international NGO, where she oversaw transnational projects addressing women, peace, and security.

Anjie holds a PhD in History of Consciousness (an interdisciplinary program combining humanities and social sciences) from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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  • This data ethics guidebook and accompanying toolkit from Informing Change and The David and Lucile Packard Foundation deliver practical guidance and customizable tools for navigating ethical issues in research and evaluations.