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2024 APPAM Fall Research Conference

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Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management (APPAM)
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Eastern Time (ET)
In person
United States of America
National Harbor, MD

As the 46th annual meeting, the 2024 APPAM Fall Research Conference will be a multi-disciplinary research conference attracting the highest quality research on a wide variety of important current and emerging policy and management issues. The conference is comprised of panels, roundtables, posters, student research and resource sessions, workshops, community gatherings, and special events and is designed to encourage substantive interaction among participants.

Conference theme

Policymaking at the Federal, State, and Local Levels

Like many countries, the U.S. has a federal system of government, with public policies designed and implemented at federal, state and local levels. Sound policy design and implementation therefore requires thoughtful consideration of how policies play out, and interact, at multiple levels of government. And useful policy research requires careful attention to the context in which a policy is implemented, including the level of government. The 2024 APPAM Fall Research Conference, Policymaking at the Federal, State, and Local Levels, encourages such attention to and consideration of context. For example, how do the impacts of federal programs vary across places? What is the optimal level of government to fund and deliver different public services? For services provided at multiple levels of government, how best to coordinate across the levels? How can local governments best tailor their implementation of federal policies and programs to local circumstances? The #2024APPAM conference provides the space to discuss these and related questions in National Harbor, Maryland this November 21-23.

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