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Course Overview

Proposals are project design documents with potential impact on clients’ organizations projects’ stakeholders customers and beneficiaries. Once approved winning proposals become project plans that will lead to well-executed mission-critical work. Proposals help nonprofit organizations businesses and public-sector agencies to increase their contracts awards and to enhance levels of revenue. Bid and proposal teams that have knowledge of and use industry recognized best practices are more likely to win.

Writing and Managing Winning Proposal training course covers proposal management tools opportunity capture management techniques creating proposal winning strategies writing persuasive narratives proposal detailed outline content development of the most required proposal sections suggested content examples and appropriate graphics. The introduced structured management and writing processes will make technical writing more effective quicker and even more enjoyable.

This course will provide participants with the fundamentals of pre-writing and proposal management work needed before heading to actual writing as well as with proposal writing fundamentals enabling them to draft persuasive content of the most required proposal sections. These foundational skills are imperative to develop first-class technically-sound content-rich persuasive and winning proposals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice and raise your confidence in proposal writing.
  • Increase your understanding of what it takes to win.
  • Increase your skills in efficient proposal planning management bidding and tendering industry.
  • Enhance your ability to make sound Go/No-Go decisions.
  • Learn how to develop a proposal winning strategy and how to create winning themes that can influence your customers to select your proposal.
  • Improve your skills in writing proposal content.
  • Become a skilled writer by learning best practices for structured persuasive compelling and adequate content writing of each section coupled with appropriate graphics.
  • Submit a highly professional compliant solutions-oriented impact-driven technically-sound and content-rich proposals.

Our certification’s curriculum presentations and exercises are designed to offer optimal learning with minimal time dedication. The Writing and Managing Winning Proposals is compact yet comprehensive course with an emphasis on real-world applicability. It provides a significant enhancement to your proposal writing and management skills that are recognized and valued by international organizations.

Your Profile

  • Proposal writers, proposal managers, proposal coordinators, tender engineers and bid managers who want to write fewer proposals and win more.
  • Project managers, technical staff and subject matter experts who want to meaningfully contribute to proposal development.
  • Executives business development managers and capture managers who want to win more proposals.
  • Experienced writers who want to level up their skills with proven best practices.

Our Learning Method

  • The course is based on a participatory active learning approach.
  • It includes virtual break-out discussion groups practical cases and exercises.
  • It also includes writing examples guided self-study and homework assignments to put your new skills into practice.
  • Course manual handouts presentations and training instructions are in English. Trainers are bilingual English and Arabic.

Course Schedule

  • 12 trainer-led live sessions each session is 90 minutes long over 6 weeks.
  • We expect that participants will spend 4-5 hours per week on this course between the live cohort (3 hours) reading and homework assignments.
  • We record every live session on Zoom and share them with the course’s participants so participants don’t miss a beat!

Course Certificate

You will get your certificate by either one of the following conditions:

  • Attend at least 65% of the live sessions.
  • Passing the final test with at least a grade of 56%.
  • The final online test consists of 23 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in 35 minutes.

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