Many Eyes Phrase Net Tool

This Tool from Many Eyes by IBM Research allows the user to input any text and then create a phrase net that displays the relationships between different words used in the text


'A phrase net diagrams the relationships between different words used in a text. It uses a simple form of pattern matching to provide multiple views of the concepts contained in a book, speech, or poem. The image below is a word graph made from an article taken from the IBM web site. The program has drawn a network of words, where two words are connected if they appear together in a phrase of the form "X and Y":' (Many Eyes, 2013)


Many Eyes. (2013). Phrase net guide. Retrieved from

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RiaganM's picture
Riagan Milton


The link to this tool is now broken. I have tried and tired to search for an alternative tool but with no definitive success. Anyone else found an alternative

Nick Herft's picture
Nick Herft

Hi Riagan,

I've also had no luck searching online. I've contact IBM to see if they have an answer. Will follow up if I get any results.

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