Making Change Happen: Advocacy and Citizen Participation

This paper provides an overview of issues related to advocacy and citizen participation, and  may serve as a starting point for evaluation of the advocacy efforts of an organisation.

The paper is structured around four key themes: how to identify and create strategic advocacy spaces, linking social transformation and policy advocacy, the issues of identity, representation, and legitimacy, as well as the evaluation of advocacy efforts, with emphasis on assessing the change in power relations. The publication is a product of an intensive dialogue in 2001 on the changing political context for social change work among 50 activists, policy analysts, and researchers from around the world.


Citation: Clark, C., Harrison, B., Miller, V., Pettit, J., VeneKlasen L. (2002) Overview – making change happen: advocacy and citizen participation. PLA Notes, 43: 4–8. Retrieved from

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