Journalism method survey

The Footprint Evaluation Initiative invites you to participate in a survey to co-create a new method page for the BetterEvaluation website.

The new method page will focus on using investigative journalism and high-quality news articles as a data source in evaluation.

We would like to hear from you about your experiences using this method, any resources you have found useful, examples of its use in evaluations, and any advice you have for choosing and using this method effectively.

Thank you for your participation and valuable input.

About the Footprint Evaluation Initiative

The Footprint Evaluation Initiative is an international collaboration to support evaluators and evaluation managers to consider environmental sustainability in all evaluations, even when this is not a stated goal of the intervention. The Footprint Evaluation Initiative is supported by the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI) and hosted on its BetterEvaluation Knowledge Platform: One of the challenges to incorporating a 'footprint evaluation' into everyday evaluations is the lack of cohesive guidance on how to do this well. As part of this project, appropriate methods and processes for doing footprint evaluations will co-created with the BetterEvaluation and Footprint Evaluation community and mapped to the various tasks in the BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework via the Footprint Evaluation thematic page.

Have you ever used investigative journalism or high-quality news articles as a data source in an evaluation?
Have you found or developed any helpful resources or examples of using this method that you could share with us (e.g. guides, case studies, tools, databases)?
We’d love to attribute you for your contribution. It’s also fine if you’d rather contribute anonymously.