Academic and research institutions


Universities and centers can contribute to M&E through research, capacity strengthening activities, and the development of methodologies.


Example of university-based research

Factors influencing the performance of monitoring and evaluation systems in non-government organisations in Lira District, Northern Uganda

Thesis for the Masters degree in Monitoring and Evaluation, Uganda Technology and Management University.  The study aimed to establish the factors influencing performance of M&E systems of NGOs in Lira District in terms of both supply and demand. These factors were discussed in terms of M&E Structure, human capacities, data quality, methods used, and resources available for M&E. 

Source: Nasambu (2016) 


Global Evaluation Initiative (2022). MESA Guidance Note: Diagnostic Tool for a Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Analysis. Retrieved from

Nasambu, J. (2016). Factors Influencing the Performance of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems in Non-Government Organizations in Lira District, Northern Uganda [Master’s thesis, Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU)].

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