An award is a formal recognition by peers of outstanding individuals or practice.

Some awards are made for cumulative good practice, and others are for exemplars of good practice, such as awards for the best evaluation.


The Australasian Evaluation Society (AES)

The AES currently has six awards:

  • Evaluation Systems Award
  • Indigenous Evaluation Award
  • Evaluation Journal of Australasia Publication Award
  • Public Sector Evaluation Award
  • Emerging New Talent Award
  • Award for Enhancing the Social Good

The Awards are presented annually at the AES conference and announced on the website. The website includes a summary paragraph about each winner and a description of the award.

Example of citation for an AES Award

Indigenous Evaluation Award: Lauren Siegman, String Theory, for the Straight Talk evaluation for Oxfam Australia

This evaluation is an example of exemplary cross-cultural evaluation practice. The design was strengths-based, practical and participatory. Team members, including participants, were included in the design, analysis and sense-making. Of particular note, team members said they were “listened to” and came away with a positive perspective about evaluation and are now more receptive to being involved in evaluation processes in the future. Oxfam report they have begun a program redesign and the evaluation findings will contribute directly to the reshaping of the program.

Source: AES Website, 2016 Award Recipients

The American Evaluation Association (AEA)

The AEA undertook a series of ‘Exemplars’ articles in their journal which presented information about the case taken from the nomination materials and an interview with the winner. In addition, three webinars have been presented on winners of the exemplary evaluation award and these can be accessed for private viewing.

Advice for using this method

  • Individuals looking for examples from practice to guide their own work and professional development may find awards and exemplars a useful reference.

  • Organisations, evaluation societies and associations should ensure that the announcement of Awards & Prizes includes a clear statement of why they were awarded to the individuals or evaluations concerned – emphasizing links to relevant codes of conduct and competencies – and provide avenues for the winners to promote the values of professional practice, such as journal articles and sessions at subsequent conferences.


Peersman, G. and Rogers, P. (2017). Pathways to advance professionalisation within the context of the Australasian Evaluation Society. Melbourne: ANZSOG/BetterEvaluation. Retrieved from:

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