Criterion sampling


Criterion sampling involves the identification of a particular criterion of importance, articulation of this criterion, and systematic review and study of cases that meet the criterion.

The reason for undertaking criterion sampling is to identify major system weaknesses for improvement.


"Every patient at a practice receives a satisfaction survey at the end of his or her visit. 

Satisfaction with how the patient felt his or her primary reason for visit was handled is assess via a 5 point likert scale with 1 = 'not at all satisfied' and 5= 'extremely satisfied.' 

To better understand patients who are not satisfied with the care provided, the practice calls and conducts a telephone interview with all patients completing the survey who report a score of 2 or lower for this measure." (Cohen & Crabtree, 2006)

Cohen D, Crabtree B. "Qualitative Research Guidelines Project." July 2006.

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