Expert review

Expert review involves an identified expert providing a review of draft documents at specified stages of a process and/or planned processes.

For an evaluation, these might include: evaluation brief; Terms of Reference; evaluation design or plan; evaluation report; M&E framework.


Department for International Development Help Desk

The UK Department for International Development (DfID) has contracted a consulting firm, and a network of advisors, to provide time-sensitive review of evaluation-related products. Specifically, in the form of undertaking quality assurance of terms of reference, inception reports (which include an evaluation plan) and evaluation reports, using standardised templates.

Advice for using this method

  • Organisations may wish to consider developing an internal expert review process for evaluation products.
  • When developing an expert review process, ensure there is clear guidance on what standards are expected and communicate these well to those creating the documents for review and reviewers. Templates, examples, and guidance documents can assist with this.

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