M&E units

evaluation units; M&E departments

A centralised M&E unit is a specialised entity or department within the government structure that is tasked with the oversight, coordination, and promotion of monitoring and evaluation activities for various policies, programs, and projects.

The roles and responsibilities of a Central M&E Unit can include:

  • Establishing guidelines, standards, and methodologies for monitoring and evaluation to ensure consistency, quality, and relevance across different government departments and agencies.

  • Coordination to ensure that M&E activities across various government departments and agencies are harmonised, integrated, and avoid duplication.

  • Providing training, workshops, and resources to enhance the M&E skills and knowledge of government staff.

  • Promotion of M&E culture by championing the importance of M&E and fostering a culture of evidence-based decision-making and continuous learning within the government.

  • Knowledge management, for example, maintaining a centralised database or repository of M&E findings, making them accessible to policymakers, stakeholders, and the public.

  • Quality assurance to ensure the quality and integrity of M&E activities conducted by different government entities.

  • Contributing to or shaping the M&E policies and strategies

  • Stakeholder engagement through facilitating communication and collaboration between government agencies, external evaluators, civil society, donors, and other stakeholders.

  • Resource allocation through overseeing or advising on the allocation of resources or budgets for M&E activities, ensuring that they align with national priorities.

  • Reporting and consolidating M&E reports from various departments and presenting them to higher authorities or the public.

M&E units may also be responsible for conducting M&E activities.

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